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  • Thu Jul 30

    Just restored my iPod touch, ‘cos it was crashing all the friggin’ time.@umangshah wish him on my behalf waiting for my piece of cakemy shoulders hate me.@Duo_Maxwell Funny how it’s usually only me. Right? Oh, and, what did you tell me? To “learn grammar”? Yeah, think so.But this is not necessary to fully enjoy the video iPod. Ok, maybe not, but the places and events will be endless. http://www.squidoo.co …yikes! my google shared feed is going batty and splogging up my tumblog http://ping.fm/mrPuy 6 hours until I disappear off the face of the earth, and I’m not telling a damn soul where I’m going. It’ll be great, I hope.@miriella I wish I knew…. Andy is sitting to close to me.

    Champagne and Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast. How not to love it here?@h0bbel I believe that @ringmaster has got a fix to the ‘feature’ in the schema06 branch http://xrl.us/omm72I’m in Rockville Long Island and I keep singing “don’t go back to rockville” from REM in my head. I need to check my ipod for the reaCall me crazy but I love rainy days! Makes me feel energizedGearing up to teach marketing to entreps today. I love teaching & coaching.@SeanMarler ever notice how fast a tweet shows up on page 1 of Google? within minutes sometimesI am so happy my gog and gat have accepted our new home! <3 (same with our plants)A Google News search of the word “fireworks” leads to a list of death, injury and fire over the past couple days. http://tinyurl.com/

    21 New Trend Illustrations in Web design : http://ping.fm/NAz9X There’s an iPhone Twitter ap called Twitterific that works great and doesn’t have to be synced with a phone number.I hate hot dogsWork. TGIF!http://ping.fm/BdBGW near 58th &ampI’m sitting in my darkened living room and the heat-dissipation is finally working somehow. cleaned my windows so the room was warm fast!my shoulders wish i had remembered that the sun is a bit stronger in LA, especially when surrounded by waterMan, I hate it when I can’t remember what I’ve been doing for the last 2 years.@csaribay Add me to that list too. Can you believe this is a paid service?

    1 great thing about the app store, is that I donwload an app once, and can sync it to my iPhone and iPod Touch. So I only pay for apps once.Wow! She is so beautiful!! I can’t get over it!! I keep making sure I get Alana back. Can’t help it love her like CrAzY already! :-)Google sent me a free cookbook and apron yesterday. Nice gift but a bit random, don’t you think? Would have preferred the actual food. :)seems new workout regime is working, I can feel my upper bs. Oh wait, thats my rib cage. Darn.is going to watch “Rent”

    says says good job sony with the 80 gig model ps3. ….and if lj was addicting enough, i have fallen in love with blogcrews. :DI’m a great thinker and organiser and utter crap at serving or being helpful. :Dwell that was fun. sorted out Bella & just got rid of 150+ misc issues of PC World, APC, PC User, Windows Sources & Macworld mag from 9Just made another donation to the New York City Public Umbrella Trust.Just finished off the Transfer cache monitoring. Check the google group for more details.@elliotjaystocks I have one, not a peep from mine, love it.Created a new Google Code project for an Axiom Stack lib. Check it out if your so interested. http://ping.fm/2tCZR Thanks for the reference to Dr. Graham’s book. I added it to my Wish List on Amazon.com

    @cst_roeper I know many people that hate sports analogies, but phrases like that are why they work so well. :-)This is for all of you Google Talk users! - Join me by adding tw3nty3ight@gmail.com to your contacts. Hope to chat with you soon!NEW YORK> Eye on 2010, Paterson Ups Fund-Raising - New York Sun.. http://ping.fm/AdAp6 http://ping.fm/ocnKN i am going to tell them anyways, and they can save their own asses if they wish.107 degrees in the shade- I think I might really be melting!!021 » 132 » Conditions I love. Please let it stay this.Driving home….love 5 o’clock everyday :)@bethpearce MWahahaha Thai food=great. Dammit now I want Thai food.

    Great if you’re looking to get out of a cell phone contract: http://ping.fm/ZmMs4 Hello my Ben! you’ve inspired me to join in this great bruhaha. Now you can twitter at me when your phone dies.Reading how google will free the wireless web: http://ping.fm/VOvSB my ipod touch shows a red screen. cannot get back to main menu or turn it off.. what to do NOW?Google Meshes Up Omnisio and YouTube to maximize its Video Productivity http://ping.fm/iC70m thx for this great video. put it in today’s gamesundso episodeis going to implode from all this choreography. I HATE THEM ALLIf it wasn’t for good music, hot tea, and, ovaltine (I’m not mixing the ovaltine with the tea) I think I would’ve feel asleep hours ago.

    Google launches (in beta, of course) Windows only Second Life clone: http://ping.fm/ECqvI controversy over age banding - listing the suitable reader age for children’s books - continues in Great Britain http://ping.fm/e643s won’t Windows Mobile allow me to follow people on m.twitter.com? grrr.waiting to pickup my son again. Think I’ll play RaceDrive:Grid on my 360 to keep me awake.That game is great fun@FonsTuinstra Hi Fons. I like the Olympic links you’re putting together recently. Great lists! http://ping.fm/AQT07 The Gold Coast Marathon was a great event. Very well organized and supported by the community.I really wish my other pharmacist would spend some time in the pharmacy to split the rxs.Watching TV with the kids. On staycation this week. B turns 10. Wow. Univ Stud on Tues. Life is Good, God is Great. Love u.

    Google maps can’t seem to determine my location on the bridge over Scarborough Pond http://ping.fm/1dyDS Ooh, Peter a new website? Out-A-Doc.com??? I HATE when they keep me waiting. My time counts, too.@B_i_B Awesome! There was another great one I picked up at Comic-Con by Alex Ross of Obama as a super hero.for all you people getting the iphone…know this…. I HATE AT&Tgoing to sleep, be at clients by 8:30 am deliver new thinkpad, which has cool led light on top for night or flight work.Hello. This is Emmanuel. Now I believe that the message really works. Okay. Hola(?).
    http://ping.fm/WwIy4 to work. Teaching Windows XP level 1 today. Dr Who was awesome! Torchwood actually made me tear-up.Omgg this iPod is bitchinnnn

    Wow, another work day is drawing to a close. I can’t believe it! God is doing so many cool things these days.. even when technology rebels@candieb Is Cassie going to be in all day Kindergarten? And “teacher walk”? They don’t do that up here - wish they would, though!what a show! Wish Josh Hamilton would have won it all, but man, so proud of that guy!@xuedi drupal has a huge community and a great concept. but in terms of usability and code quality it’s rather a pain.hearing enough police sirens outside to think that someone nearby has earned a 4-star rating, and wondering if they’ll go for five.[-O] Burnt out on Red Bull and getting Amp instead. wish i could find Bawls here instead:( http://ping.fm/CsbiF think the adjective “dirty” is a little too much.I think that i should skip it!Getting ready to take the long bike to the short day. But maybe not the long bike, if I think the weather will stay dry.

    CP Quiz went better than I expected. Start bar went crazy with 30 PM windows openJust got done with my brother and new sisters awesome wedding!! Good times beautiful wedding with Fireworks and all!!!!Guess what?!?! Regresó mi amiga la Gripa… I Hate her ¬¬@animealmanac Yeah, passing on industry gossip on public twitter. Greeeeat career move. =P How dumb do you think I am? ;)While writing a new job post, you can’t quite believe it’s done when you send the advert out.@munkymunch awesome I kinda wish I was in bed now, but alas it is not bed time yet. So I am up watcing reruns of the Twilight Zone.Apothecary has drinks Hz wouldn’t even think of drinking.@mknell I wish I had seen this! Rebecca as Ozzie? LOL! Okay, seriously, bye now.

    @ChiTownKim Do you think I’ll fit?Glad to be warm at home instead of cold in a tent. Can’t believe this is August.@hellobethanne I don’t get many calls from exes either. never been stalked (think it’s a guy thing).. so, what’s your story? you ok? :)day off - time to relax and refresh with new indie tunes - Maria Taylor on current playlistTo everyone at Comic Con: I hate you. I wish I could be there too. :(@kyubikitsy Hello, I really hate summer in Japan. It is because, it is great strain on my nerves. (

    @BlackPlastic right - I’ll stick it on the list. I have an Amazon wish list, thought it was best to ratchet in the spending :-)@CalEvans I use SpamBully for Outlook. Similar to Akismet for WordPress. Love it!I hate crowds.Packing for the kid’s birthday trip. I cannot believe he’s going to be 9. That means I’m nine years older too dammit.Got an iPod touch and is trying out twitterific.Japan reaching for new heights http://ping.fm/hs5Ju like creating strips and editing photos? I think doing art on the comp requires a lot of RAM I have 4 GB RAM in my iMac now.@msprettynsweet girl u soooo funny! I know she’s crazy to. Do you believe him or her.

    Time for Blades of Glory… I could not love a human baby more than I love this movieDigging Google Analytics, not digging GoDaddy.@DreamNetJade Very hot! Red looks great on you!McCain: Media in love with Obama http://ping.fm/r461R Microsoft. Right now, I hate you.@all_souls … do you think jubal or eric can come tonite… sean has to work and we need at least 1 more person@ChristianBurns - Conor is a great Irish name :-) My boys are Oscar, Oisín and Fionn. Three generations from Irish mythology.i failed miserably on catching up on stuff this weekend ;( i think i made the small ding on the iceberg

    god i do like weeds still but i think what it used to be was sooo much better.Many people believe that oral sex is safe. In genital herpes the virus lays dormant in the sacral lumbar area. http://ping.fm/73Gg6 …Joss Whedon just got a new movie greenlighted at MGM. “The Cabin In The Woods.”@sirriusBusiness i know a great water-polo story that i will share one day soonLos Angeles friends old, new, and yet unmet. Radio station recommendations?Looking forward to kicking my blackjack into lake michigan tomorrow. And never having to look at windows mobile ever again.Can’t believe that Steph would take back Curtis. Argh.Ministry & Meteo?: What I believe http://ping.fm/zPELC